Day 88 of 200: Pep Fest

During my sophomore year of high school the seniors were the class of 1988. We were the class of 1990.

A lot of Fridays we would have pep fests in the school gym. They’d pull out the bleachers and all 1500ish of us would pour in to the sound of the pep band. The cheerleaders would lead us in the fight song. “On ye bengals go mighty bengals, victory will bring us fame. Let’s fight for the might of the blue and white, come on lets win that game!”

(if that is correct I’m either the smartest or dumbest person to ever attend Blaine Senior High from 1987-1990)

I don’t know if there were speeches or anything. I know the dance team (different than the cheerleaders) would do a routine. There’d be a rousing rendition of “We’ve got spirit. Yes we do!” We’d also do these class cheers. Pitting each class to against the others to see who were the loudest and therefore the most full of school spirit.

The cheer involved just chanting the class year — eighty-eight, eighty-eight, eighty eighty eighty eight!

The class of 1990 never won. Because saying ninety, ninety na-na-na-ninety sounds stupid.

I’m positive this cheer was only popular from 1981-1989.

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