Day 95 of 200: Rage Blanket Update

When I was a kid — old enough to understand the news, but still young enough to not totally get it — I remember hearing about the war in Beirut on the news all the time. I wondered how people who lived there went on with their lives with so many awful things happening all the time in their country.

My hunch, some 36 years later is that they carried on because they had to, because what else can you do? One thing I know for sure is that living in a country overtaken by terrorists, and make no mistake these white men killing or trying to kill everyone who isn’t a white man are terrorists, is fucking exhausting. The outrage/heartbreak cycle really takes a lot out of a person. My brain is exhausted from trying to understand how any human being can support terrorists like Turnip and the GOP. My heart hurts for all those who are in the crosshairs.

Right now sucks. It’s awful. If the election isn’t a blue wave in a few weeks I’m not sure how I’ll cope with the despair.

On the bright side I added a good nine or so inches to my rage blanket. Woo?

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