Day 32 of 200: I Hate Myself for Buying You

Confession: On this the 25th day of August in the Year of Our Ellen Willis 2018 I did go forth and purchasedc supplies to start making Christmas gifts.

Yes, it is absolutely batshit crazy to be thinking about Christmas gifts before Labor Day. It’s beyond 17 kinds of crazy with a double portion of ludicrous.

In my defense, I have vowed to teach myself to knit so I can make my entire family Schwartz and Randy (not pictured) hats for Christmas.

Teaching myself to knit and then making 13 hats is probably going to take some time. I’ve only knit one thing ever in my entire life and that was 10 years ago. You should now that I did teach myself to crochet and then made roughly six hats and six scarves by Christmas one year. It’s not an unprecedented feat.

My plan is to teach myself how to knit as soon as I finish the random blanket made of leftover yarn. I was almost done with it back in June, but it was a weird width so I started all over from the beginning. I’m weird like that.

Oh, I also have plans to make adorable owl baskets for my two owl-loving sisters.

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