Day 73 of 200: Where Do You Put Your Rage?

I am hollowed out by rage. My work has been trash. I’m exhausted every day. I spend so much time trying to understand what would make a sane, rational person think, “Brett Kavanaugh will be an excellent Supreme Court Justice.” What could be so important to me that I’d hire this dude who is clearly unfit for the job? Who would I be that loyal to over the millions and millions of crying women begging me to not hire this guy? Is Turnip-in-Chief holding all the Republican (and one Democrat) Senator’s loved ones for ransom? Is he gonna share some kind of kinky Chuck Grassley revenge porn?

Because I cannot puzzle out this problem my brain resorts to screaming. So much screaming and lots of angry ALL CAPS typing to everyone I know.

Where am I’m putting my rage? In this blanket (pictured above) I started making on Sunday. It’s about three-feet wide and six-inches high so far. That’s a lot of time spent doing the closest thing I can manage to meditating. It’s generally the only time in the last two weeks where I’ve felt at pace, or maybe it’s the only time I’ve not felt an all-consuming rage.

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