Day 90 of 200: Supermarket Sweep Confessions

As I’ve mentioned a time or twelve, I watch a lot of “Supermarket Sweep.” For the most part I watch two episodes a night three times a week. In fact, as I type two frat dudes from 1991 are losing the big sweep because they don’t know what a heifer is. Or how to pronounce it. “What’s a high-fer?” They keep asking. I’ve seen this one before.

I’ve watched so much “Supermarket Sweep” that I recognize contestants in the crowd when they shout “Whose got the Taster’s Choice coffee?” And it’s not the people who jump up excitedly waving their coffee. No, it’s the chuckleheads sitting in front of them who are on a different episode.

I’ve watched so much “Supermarket Sweep” that my family has not only laid out their strategies, “Always get the hammers,” Ben says. “They’re small and cost like $10 a piece!” they have also started swapping stories about the show.

“The other night, Trac,” Sister #2 said to Sister #3 over dinner last month, “one couple only had $7 at the end?”
“He went for the shopping list, but only got two of the things.”
“I bet they’re divorced now.”

This conversation was one of my prouder sister moments.

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