Max & Jaycie have been here for all of 24 minutes and oh, the hilarity it has been non-stop. Upon walking into Supergenius HQ Max announced he was gassy today and proceeded to spend the next five minutes “farting.”

After five minutes of farting, I asked him what exactly his problem was and he broke down into a fit of giggles only to reveal a digital voice recorder in his pocket. He had spent last night on some Web site, probably fart sounds dot com, recording his sound effects to delight me with today.

Once I finally get the fart-talk to die, he decides to interview me by asking questions and then shoving the recorder in my face. Here is a small excerpt:
Max: If you were Sasquatch where would you go first?
Jodi: I’d go to Best Buy Corp HQ
Max: Why?
Jodi: To make all the adults pee in their pants
lots of little-boy laughter
Max: If you were Sasquatch where would you live?
Jodi: Right here at Supergenius HQ
Max: WHAT? Why? There are brownies here.
Jodi: I know! There are brownies here.

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