Day 41 of 200: How I Spent My Summer

I read 27 books. My favorites were Baby Teeth by Zoje Stege and The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai.

With the help of my nephew, Cade, I reupholstered 3.75 of my 4 dining room chairs. We ran out of staples on the fourth chair and I just keep forgetting to get more. All it needs is the dust cover stapled on and the seat screwed back to the chair.

I got a new coffee table and a new chair for my living room and I spent a lot of time thinking about goals financial, personal, and professional.

I hosted CSA Supperclub nine times. The menus included lasagna and chana masala and homemade mac & cheese. Three times we ordered in: pizza twice and the Dragon Cafe once.

I’m about 4 inches away from finishing a new blanket that I will give to someone TBD.

I launched two websites for two clients, copy-edited two books, and created two other eBooks. Sadly, I lost one retainer client due to their financial situation, but I did sign on one new client.

I started blogging again and next week I’ll get back to fiction.

I decided to stop doing things to make people like me. This one is hard.

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