Day 9 of 200: In Love with Constraints

First, you should know I bit my tongue again. Hard. So hard, in fact, I shouted “oh fuck” with a mouthful of bean quesadilla.

It’s as though I’ve forgotten how to eat. My tongue hurts all the time, like even when it’s just sitting there doing nothing. I hate being constantly aware of my tongue, and now I’m afraid to eat. I’m also afraid to google “frequent hard tongue biting” for cancer and porn reasons.

What I’m not afraid of is this 200-day challenge I’ve given myself. In fact, I’m pretty in love with it. So in love that even though I’m over-socialized and I made a roast chicken dinner for seven and I cleaned up after having seven people for dinner and I have to do work when I’m done with this, I’m still kinda into doing this.

I might still be a writer after all.

What I love the most is the 200-word constraint. I either stretch these bad boys out or edit this shizz down to exactly 200 words. I started with the Word word count, but it’s different than the WordPress word count. In case you’re wondering WordPress is the official word counter of this challenge.


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