Scenes from a Notebook #3, part II

February 2007
01: Slow-talking theologian; always ask yourself, ‘where is the pigboy?’
02: 6 things that would increase my datability; Great River Review
05: Add ‘The Engine Driver’ by The Decemberists to I Write teh Book playlist
06: What was I thinking?
07: Eurydice, iPod fairy
14: Batman blows, but you don’t; pour some sugar on me, no seriously
15: Your Irish fucking punk band was Greenday?; Men Google themselves, women Google each other
16: I learned it from watching you Jodi, I learned it from watching you
18: theologian’s sweater
23: Own a raspberry beret, read that famous book by Nabokov, “Bang On – ”
25: File Under Easy Listening; Tegan & Sara – If You Went Away
26: Don’t tell a Soul revisited; “The TVmercial,” Like a monkey doing a math problem, Wrath

March 2007
05: Need verb for why they would care
06: In defense of ass-shaking — Smiley Faces, Gnarls Barkley; She Moves in Her Own Way; Chelsea Daggers
08: Not taking workshop well
09: “Vulnerable guy launches himself into fate.”
10: “When reading always try to sound like one of the Oak Ridge Boys,” Vodo
11: Things Fall Apart — Novel
14: She had eyes the color of well-worn blue jeans
15: You’re the Inspiration written for Kenny Rogers, Wrath; “We are short a theologian,” “Bring together things that shouldn’t be together,” Vodo
16: The Salvador Dali of short stories — Murakami
22: Think about ending on an image, you never do this
23: She danced all night and shook the paint off the walls
27: Mr. Excitement, Doughty + TMBG
29: Intimacy, 361 – Look for this Novel; “There’s these weird older women fighting at this kegger,” Vodo
30: One word review, “yum” redhaired guy — Kelly’s Ashes story; “His wife found my picture in her underwear drawer,” Ken

April 2007
03: “You slow burners scare me.”
05: Statler doesn’t shut the fuck up
06: I am sure this bullshit was written at the last minute; The 3 a.m. Epiphany, Brian Kitely
09: Gordon Lightfoot, If You Could Read My Mind; The Libertines, Tell the King; Old 97s, Book Of Poems; Rhett Miller, World Inside Record; In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, Neutral Milk Hotel; Couches in Alleys, DCFC; Songs about newspapers/journalists
11: Favorite songs that aren’t really sung, rather talked
12: Ken totally used Vonnegut’s argument from last time we workshopped this story. . .
19: Why do the trees speak in iambic pentameter?
20: I mean come on, they’re dirt monsters; charmingly weird; are you interested in a non-serious realtionships with women; was it just ass or sac too?
23: With freedom comes responsibility
25: I was maimed by rock and roll
26: Hey, I’m like Jesus but now I got a fireball
30: Look up: Great River Review, Tin House, One Story, Glimmertrain

May 2007
01: walked over my grave; it looks like Garrison Keillor’s flaccid penis
02: Chicago Seemed Tired to Everyday I write the Book
03: Titles: Characters would kind of be pissed off by the title
16: Stone Soup
17: Laid, James
30: Thunderboomer, Anyhoo, yea= what?, yeah = yes, yay = excitement
31: 1 year of post-it note

June 2007
04: Being sensitive to the energy of the material, decided to fill up my soul
05: Enjambment makes readers anxious
06: Follow the tangent, Look up Raymond Carver’s poetry, telling lies in service of the truth
11: “My penis is better then the best thing ever.”
12: Figure out the music of the line, “Eternal Sunshine is our Breakfast at Tiffanys and well that’s one thing we got.”
21: (pathetic fallacy)
22: On this day I wrote down the first and last names of about six poetry classmates so I could Google them like the psycho that I am
26: She’s really working that line break
28: Boldness is genius, power + magic; metapher — damnit it is something; see the accumulating power of images

July 2007
02: I have mystical visions and cosmic vibrations, America/Obit Desk, So furious with orthodoxy
11: “Did you just whatever my hello?”
12: She reeked of insistent perfume, star six nine
19: The Viking thinks I am staring at him when really I am checking out the curly darkhaired beauty outside on the 3rd floor deck; hans needs comments read to him = die die die
20: I am a loomer, I loom; find a relationship between uncommon things; try to write a short story as a poem; it’s boring listening to everyone agree with Jude
26: The pony healing ritual, F. Scott used pathetic fallacy in Beautiful & Damned
27: Desire 1; Play 4; Close 5; Bullet 6; Child 3; Rain 2; I kind of wanted some enjambment

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  1. Peabo 30.Jul.07 at 5:34 pm

    Where was I on the “ass and sac” day?? Damn. And the bullet fucked everything up. You can’t just throw a bullet any old place.

  2. phil 30.Jul.07 at 8:17 pm

    i made a flip book out of a old managers bizness was called “things fall apart”i was really bored at work.just thought it was funny.i wonder if at all moments of time someone is creating art titled things fall apart.well its true,things definitly fall apart


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