Day 27 of 200: The Making of a Modern Blog Post

First, decide on a topic. When limiting yourself to only 200 words a day chose something you can handle with ease. Today you decide to write about dying on every hill.

Second, watch the video for Kate Bush’s “Running Up that Hill” four times.

For safe measure also watch “Wuthering Heights” (bonus: get a little bitter about how much you hate the book Wuthering Heights). Watch “This Woman’s Work” because, obviously!

Third, Google if the dude form the “This Woman’s Work” video is also that guy from “Notting Hill.” He is!. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Fourth, watch Tracy Chapman’s video for “Fast Car” because it’s on the sidebar.

Fifth, sing “Fast Car” over and over for as long as it takes you to make the “art” for this post. In this case, adding some color to someone royalty-free line art.

Sixth, remember that one bitter writing teacher you had at The Loft whose name escapes you. Jeremy? Do remember how he once said something about Tracy Chapman dating Alice Walker.

Seventh, write about your “process” rather than the topic you originally chose. Edit to get this sucker down to exactly 200 words because you have standards.

Eighth, Hit Publish.

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