Day 30 of 200: Happy New Chair Day

Back in June or maybe it was interminable July, I bought a new coffee table. My old “coffee table” was two $7 IKEA tables that I pushed together. I bought them when I lived in that shitty Prior Lake apartment in like 2004. This is the new coffee table:

If you imagine a few notebooks, coasters, a bottle of allergy meds, and a box of CheezIts on top, you have my coffee table. I love it. My family and I have a bet one who will be the fist to leave a water ring or scratch in the coffee table. I’m the #1 contender due to coffee table proximity. Nolan is #2 and Jaycie is #3. So far, no rings.

And the new chair, pictured above matches it perfectly. It’s a lovely chair. A firm chair. The kind of chair you sit on and not in. I love furniture that doesn’t suck you into its depths and take a lot of effort to escape.

My whole entire heart wants to get a couch that matches the chair and the coffee table. I’ve already started browsing, but have decided to forgo any more major purchases until 2019. Being a financially responsible grown up is a total bore.

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