Day 3 of 200: Another First (I Think)

I’m sitting on the couch, my belly full of pizza. My mouth still burns from the jalapeños. I’m watching “A Different World” again. I skipped the first season on this go round because it felt too Cosbyie and I just can’t bring myself to do it. With a bit of mental gymnastics I decided I could credit the rest of the show to Debbie Allen. Also, I miss the earnestness and hope of the 90s. The fashions too. I’m 94% positive my style role model for a lot of the 90s was Freddie. In case you’re wondering, Jaleesa is currently singing Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” at The Pit. For the record, so am I. Obvs.

(I hate this episode because it’s out of order. It’s the telethon one where Dwayne is still with Kinu even though they broke up six episodes ago.)

None of these activities are firsts. What is new to this situation is that I’m typing this entry out with right thumb. This is probably the Millenial version of hunting & pecking. Sometimes when my thumb gets tired I move the phone to my left hand and start typing with my right index finger. Just call me unfrozen cavewoman texter.

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