July Intentions: One More Time With Feeling

Yesterday as I was on the phone talking to my friend EM, who lives in Madison, I confessed that I had failed miserably at my June Intentions. And she gently pointed out that of course I did because I had loaded up on the intentions like I was the kind of person who never sits around all night watching BoJack Horseman and crocheting.

She was not wrong.

In my defense, I was super social in June and Sister #4 was here for NINE days in a row and how can one do anything under those kinds of conditions?

So, for the record here’s how I did on those intentions.

  • Make a Cuban Sandwich: Well, I did talk about it a lot, so much so that Sister #2 said, “You’re obsessed with that sandwich.” I also read the recipe like three times but that’s as far as I got.
  • Write One New Short Story: I wrote one sentence of something that might become a short story.
  • Revise Two Old Short Stories: I revised one story and it was painful.
  • Write six blog posts: 2 book reviews + 2 music-related + 2 misc: I was blogging like it was 2005 up in this join. I’m sure you noticed.
  • Turn 45: Yep. Didn’t die before my birthday. Go me!
  • Stop listening to If We Were Vampires: Currently obsessed with Lydia Loveless’ cover of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.”
  • Query three agents: I managed to query one. Haven’t heard anything back yet.

So for July, I’m going to be a little more realistic, because I have a BoJack Horseman problem that cannot be denied. Also, I’m lazy. And also, I like to do nothing sometimes but listen to music and stare at the wall.

Without further ado & excuses: July’s Intentions.

  1. Make that M-Fing Cuban Sandwich. I swear. I’m going to the grocery store tomorrow.
  2. Revise One Short Story. I can do it. I know I can.
  3. Write One New Short Story. My writing teacher Dale Gregory Anderson once said it was a good idea to always be revising something and working on something new. He’s a smart man. I’m gonna give his advice a whirl and see how it goes.
  4. Query Two Agents. The Beast isn’t gonna publish itself. Sadly. It’d be nice if it did and made me a kabillion dollars in the process.
  5. Write One Blog Post a Week. Sometimes I forgot how much I love writing here, which is weird because I Will Dare is gonna be 17 years old at the end of the month. SEVENTEEN!
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