June Intentions: Sandwiches & Short Stories

So here we are the second day of June. Hallelujah & amen. For awhile there I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. To June.

I proclaimed more than a few times during the last week of May that the month was trying to kill me. It kind of felt like it. And that’s not just my persecution complex talking. To wit: dead cat, dead romance, dead tire, dead bank account.

See, while driving over to Sister #2’s Shakopee house on Sunday Ruby blew a tire. I didn’t exactly have four new tires in the budget. But then I didn’t have cat euthanasia in the budget either. Damn, May, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

However, despite may being a son on a bitch, I didn’t do too shabbily on my intentions.

  • Finish the HellBlanketTM
  • Write four non-book review blog posts & two book reviews
  • Hand in the MN Artists’ Initiative Grant by May 18th (it’s due May 19th)
  • Query four more agents
  • Submit ROCK & ROLL LOUDMOUTH to Milkweed during their open reading submissions

In my defense, I did query one agent. I was set to do more, but then I realized that BEA was this week and I knew a lot of the literary world was going to be there. So I just chilled on the agent querying. And, frankly, I wasn’t sure my poor, broken, weary heart could take anymore rejection in May.

But now it’s June and I’m back to do battle. Are you ready for these plans? ARE YOU?

• Make a Cuban Sandwich

Oh yeah, I did put a sandwich on my monthly goal’s list. I’m not ashamed. I’ve wanted to try a Cuban sandwich ever since I saw the movie Chef like two years ago. Then I ran across an article by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt about Cuban Sandwiches and thus a goal was born. This ain’t no Oscar Meyer bologna on wonder bread with some Kraft singles kinda sandwich. It has ham and pork and mustard and needs to smooshed for awhile. I cannot wait!

• Write One New Short Story

I haven’t written any new fiction since the Carter administration. It’s time to quit pretending I’m a writer and actually do some writing.

• Revise Two Old Short Stories

My overall literary goal for 2017 is to complete a draft of the linked bowling alley short stories collection. This is going to a painful one because I wrote some of those stories like thirteen years ago and boy howdy are they shitty. So shitty I feel like I need to go back and thank everyone who was so kind in critiquing them so gently. Also, it’s hard to go back and read about the person you used to be. But I’ll do it, starting this month.

Those are the big three. Here are a few more tiny ones.

  • Write six blog posts: 2 book reviews + 2 music-related + 2 misc
  • Turn 45
  • Stop listening to If We Were Vampires
  • Query three agents

Let’s go June.

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