Anti-Bummers: Because Sexism, Disappointment & The Fading of the Light

Yesterday I was on a conference call with a client and the marketing agency he’s working with. Before the client joined the call the dude from the agency was talking about how they checked me out on LinkedIn and then he and one of his colleagues proceeded to make fun of me for dubbing myself a Supergenius.

“Well, that’s confident,” he said.

Um. Yeah.

I’ve had a crankyface on ever since. I was stunned by the shittiness of the incident, and I’m still mad at myself for trying to defend and explain the origins of the nickname. Bleh.

Also, I finished the Chrissie Hynde memoir and it bummed me out hardcore.

Also, the days are getting shorter and tomorrow we have to mess with time which is just the worst.

  • Anti-Bummer #1: A big check that I’ve been waiting for-fucking-ever for came in today, the day before I have to pay the mortgage. Praise Joan Jett!
  • Anti-Bummer #2: The last time I went to the grocery store an older woman who worked there walked up to me while I was pawing through broccoli. She stopped in front of my cart and put her hand on it. “I just have to tell you that your hair [blueish] perfectly matches your shirt [a blue flannel] and it’s delightful.” She actually said delightful and I wanted to hug her.
  • Anti-Bummer #3: Caramel Apple suckers.
  • Anti-Bummer #4: Last week after lunch FFJ sang an impromptu acapella version of Cool Rider from “Grease 2” in the parking lot. It was so rad that a dude stopped, listened, and then clapped when she was finished.
  • Anti-Bummer #5: My nephew Cade is obsessed with the Home Depot across the street from his house, much to Sister #2’s chagrin. Since Cade works Saturdays at my parents’ cafe, he’s got an amazing amount of disposable income for a kid. After spending a ridiculous amount of money on Halloween decorations, he has moved on to plants. Yesterday he sent me a bunch of texts not only showing me his collection (aloe, a cactus, lucky bamboo, two thyme plants, and a basil) he asks for advice on how to care for them. It is adorable.
  • Anti-Bummer #6: I’m gonna spend some quality time on the couch with a few comic books this afternoon, because that’s what Supergeniuses do.
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