A Few Thoughts on The Replacements’ ‘Break Up’ So You Can Stop Asking

Okay, so allegedly Paul Westerberg announced from a stage in Portugal that the reformed Replacements were once again breaking up. And because many people think I play Paul Westerberg on the Internet I’ve been asked A LOT A LOT A LOT about this break up.

First of all, I don’t care.

Second of all, I don’t believe it for a second. Westerberg’s a notorious misanthrope and he talks out of both sides of his mouth and if anything they might break up for right now and then get back together next year and who the hell knows what they’ll do next?

Third of all, I really don’t care and why does anyone else? As a ‘Mats fan these past two years have been ridiculously fun and I loved every second I spent at all three of the concerts I was able to see. But how far do we want this nostalgia tour to go? Were they just supposed to go on & on forever playing ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ until their bones turned to dust?

Bleh. I don’t want that. Why would you?

Here’s what I want: I want either new ‘Mats songs. Or, ideally, I’d love some new solo Westerberg songs that he actually put effort into and didn’t just record in his basement and then release for two shiny quarters.

I’m okay with the ‘Mats breaking up, and if that makes me a bad fan, so be it. They owe us nothing.

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