Old People Music

Tuesdays are Restaurant Day during Tibble Summer. Each Tuesday one of us gets to choose the restaurant we lunch at — nobody gets to complain. If you don’t want to go you don’t have to. Unless you are me, then you have to go because you have the money and the vehicle.

Yesterday was our first Restaurant Day and Cade chose Hong Kong Buffet. Bleh. I think I have finally disabused them of their Hong Kong Buffet affection. Or they’re finally old enough to understand the utter insanity of paying so much money for them to eat six wontons, three lo-mein noodles, and two glasses of chocolate milk.

Anyway, as we were heading home in Ruby every radio station is in the Twin Cities was playing bullshit so I switched over to the CD player. The CD player is filled with CDs I made when I first got a CD burner. . . so circa 2002? 2003? I can’t even remember. I’m sure if I dug through the I Will Dare archives I would find the exact date.

As I flitted through the songs I asked Cade, who was sitting in the front seat, if he liked each artist.

“You like Iggy Pop?” I asked as “Lust for Life” filled Ruby’s cab.
Cade looked at me and said nothing.
I pushed skip. “How about Social D?” We listened to the opening of “Ball and Chain.”
Nothing. Skip.
“Beck?” (New Pollution)
Nothing. Skip.
“Oh, man. You gotta love Bowie!” (Rebel, Rebel)
Nothing. Skip
“How about The Replacements?” (Answering Machine).

Finally, a big sigh. “I don’t like old people music.”
“Old people music?” I asked.
He nodded his head at me.
“My courage is at its peak you know what I mean? How do you say you’re okay to an answering machine,” I sang as loud as I could.
Cade crinkled up his face and shook his head. “What’s an answering machine anyway?”


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