Paul Westerberg and His Only Friends, Milwaukee April 14, 2005

this is photographic evidence of 1. why i’ll never be a rock and roll photographer and 2. why it’s probably pretty pointless to smuggle cameras into venues. but there it is.

the Milwaukee show at The Rave kicked my ass right into next week. it was amazing.

he stepped onto the stage and immediately launched into “Stain Yer Blood.” i think i was bouncing around so much i bumped my head on the ceiling. it was great. St. Paul seemed to be loving it up, the crowd was awesome and the band was tight.

from “Stain Yer Blood” he rolled into “If I had a Hammer” and then “Gunshy” which made me swoon. because Gunshy is the kind of song that just makes you shout your brains right out.

the most moving moment of the concert was when he launched into the solo acoustic “Here Comes a Regular.”

the song wrings your guts right out anyway. but then he gets towards the end of the song and he stops.

“two days ago my uncle paul died, i was his namesake. at the funeral, i was talking to my cousin and he told me about how Paul had all these videoes and discs and newspaper clips in a room, and i never even fucking talked to the guy.”

during the short monologue, st. paul’s voice cracked and he wiped a tear from his eye.

my body was an ocean of goosebumps. it was so sad and beautiful.

then he started back up with the song, “all i know is i’m sick of everything my money can buy. a fool wastes his life god rest his guts.”

it was fucking awesome. and even with the melancholic interlude, he went right back to rocking our asses with Knockin’ on Mine, Achin’ to Be and of course my I Will Dare and fucking I.O.U off of Pleased to Meet Me.

the best was during one (yes one) of the encores when he took a seat behind the drums and they started “Hootenanny.” it was the best show i’ve seen so far.

i will leave out the parts about the $6 cups of Lite and the Dokken loving bouncer guy.

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  1. UH 17.Apr.05 at 1:26 pm

    So you liked it?

  2. jodi 17.Apr.05 at 2:49 pm

    it was ok.

  3. UH 17.Apr.05 at 8:03 pm

    Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, I guess?


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