It’s Thursday & I’m Boring: Celebrating Freedom Edition

Since I forgot to make this morning’s coffee last night, I decided to indulge Liam, the youngest Tibble with his most favorite breakfast in all the land: a sausage burrito from Taco Bell. I pulled into the Tibbles’ driveway and texted up that if anyone wanted Taco Bell breakfast they best be joining me in Ruby ASAP.

Liam is the only one who showed. He hopped into the front seat, buckled up, and then promptly pulled out his Nintendo DS. He also started up his running commentary about whatever game it is he was playing, which I promptly tuned out, not because I am rude but because I am hard of hearing.

Before getting the burritos we swung by the CSA to get this week’s box full of lawn clippings and surprise! zucchini. While the new CSA is much closer it is not as charming as the old one. Have I complained about this here already? I feel like I have.

After the quick stop at the farm we headed on over to Taco Bell, the excitement of which caused Liam to promptly put away his DS and start singing the praises of the Taco Bell breakfast. I tried to explain to him why his love of this breakfast is extra ridiculous because his grandparents own The Windmill, a tiny greasy-spoon diner just down the road which has the best breakfast in the entire county. Plus, The Windmill gets double-plus bonus points because if I drag The Tibbles there my parents usually pick up the tab. Nobody picks up the tab at Taco Bell.

Since The Tibbles were swept off to a WI cabin by their stepmother who was, shockingly, actually on time for the first time in my entire Tibble-babysitting career, I got the afternoon off. After a short detour to Sister #2’s to cuddle with Walter and divvy up the CSA, I headed home where I immediately shucked my pants, popped a Heggie’s in the oven, and curled up on the couch with a variety of couch-based entertainments.

Since I read the new Bryan Lee O’Malley Seconds in one greedy swallow earlier in the week, I turned to Sex Criminals Vol. 1. It’s about two people who have orgasms that stop time. Even though I like the idea of magical sex, I’m not wholly won over yet. We’ll see.

After the pizza and comicbooks, I read eight or nine chapters of my friend Kurtis’ newest work in progress. It’s so damn charming I can’t wait until it gets published so kids can read it.

I only made it about two pages into A Highly Unlikely Scenario, or a Neetsa Pizza Employee’s Guide to Saving the World when a nap over took me. I woke two hours later kind of cranky and bored. Who wakes up bored? How stupid is that?

The cure for this post nap crankiness was to blue-up the rest of my hair while watching “Parenthood.” I’ve been shotgunning this show ever since Sister #2 & Jaycie raved about it. Once again, I’m not wholly sold on it. It’s okay. I like the show best when Crosby is on, I hate it the most when Sarah was on. It got a bunch of bonus points today because Glen Hansard was on an episode and I’ve been a little bit in love with him since I listened to his version of “Drive All Night” 38 times while finishing up The Beast v.2.

Also, throughout all this was entirely more rounds of Two Dots than I am willing to admit. I’m so addicted to this game that when I run out of lives on my phone, I turn to my iPad for another fix. I am a sad excuse for a human being.

Around 9 o’clock I decided it was time to rinse the blue from my hair and also watch the video of Jason Isbell singing “Cover Me Up” from Austin City Limits for about a half hour. Over and over and over again. This is probably my favorite song from last year. It just slays me when he sings So girl leave your boots by the bed we ain’t leavin’ this room, til someone needs medical help or the magnolias bloom. It’s cold in this house and I ain’t goin’ out to chop wood, so cover me up and know you’re enough to use me for good.”

Twenty-seven days until I get to see him sing it live in person. There are not enough words to explain how much I can’t wait.

I watched the Lydia Loveless Tiny Desk Concert, but then went back to “Cover Me Up” once I started typing about it. I’m also drinking a strawberry, sugar, lime, gin, club soda drink with a name that I do not know. It’s not too shabby if you add enough sugar.

Tomorrow is my annual pilgrimage to Blaine where I will reminisce about childhood with Jodi Hanson and her family, people who have known me for most of my life. It’s always fun and little bittersweet. Being in the old neighborhood where I grew up always feels like I’m wearing a shirt that’s two sizes too small.

I haven’t had a boring day like this in ages and damn has it been kind of fantastic.

The “It’s (Insert Day of Week) and I’m Boring” is a series that Christa and I do to pay homage to the beauty of old-school blogging. (I totally copied this nice explanation from Christa).

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