It’s Sunday & I’m Boring: While My Attention Span Gently Wanes Edition

9:15 a.m. ~ A Story About the Grocery Store

I was at the grocery store early this morning. I needed to fetch my portion of the calzone fixin’s for tonight’s Family Dinner. In case you are curious I’m bringing the roasted garlic, the peppers & onions, and the sausage. Also the keen intellect and razor-sharp wit. Obviously.

As I was standing in line watching an old lady write a check, I eavesdropped. Obviously. I felt I had earned the right. After all, I had backed my cart way up so she could grab $1.58 worth of candy bars so she would reach the $50 threshold she needed to use her $5 off coupon. She chose an Almond Joy & Butterfinger. We are not candybar compatible, this lady and me.

As she wrote out her check she mentioned that today was the five year anniversary of her stroke. The cashier said something about 2005, and the woman looked at her and said “No, five years ago was 2009.” And in my head, I said “Right on, Stroke Lady!”

We met up again at the end of the conveyor belt as she loaded up her groceries and I loaded up mine. She was double bagging it while I unfolded my giant reusable Target bag, when another old lady walked by with her cart. The lady stopped, sighed, and said “I’ll be in the car.”

Stroke Lady nodded her head to acknowledge she’d heard her. When the woman left Stroke Lady leaned over toward my half of the bagging area and said, “Nobody can annoy you like a sister can.”

And I barked with laughter. “I know,” I said. “I have three of them.”
“Oh,” she said. “You do know.”

We went back to bagging our groceries, and as she was finishing up she scooped up her candybars and showed them to me. “I’m not even going to share these with her.”

I laughed again.

“You have a good day,” she said as she put her last bag in her cart and toddled away.
“You too,” I said.

The Nap Interlude

Sometimes I feel guilty about how much I laze about and nap on weekends. I raked in nearly two hours of extra sleep yesterday while “Shakespeare in Love” played on my TV. I put a lot of thought into what’s on the TV while I nap, and the streaming movies I bought from Amazon are a testament to this.

I like to choose movies, most often, because they don’t have loud commercials to disturb your slumber. You have to go with an old standby too. You can’t get anything you don’t know too well or you’ll just watch the movie instead of napping. And if you have no intent in actually napping you should just read a book.

Plus, with movies you know you can quickly gauge how much you slept the moment you wake up by how far you are into it. Unless, of course, you supersleep and the whole thing is over. Yesterday I woke up just as they were starting to perform “Romeo & Juliet” to a packed theater.

Other favorite nappers: Sweet Home Alabama, Say Anything, and Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

Today I was lazy and just napped through “The Love Boat.” Sometimes, during the summer, I like to nap through baseball games. However, baseball games have a way of creeping into my nap-time dreams and making a mess of everything.

3:01 p.m. ~ Jason Isbell & Neko Case on Austin City Limits, a teaser

It rained bummers here at Supergenius HQ when my pal Wolfdogg announced, earlier this week, that the Jason Isbell & Neko Case episode of Austin City Limits wouldn’t be on in the Twin Cities until next week. Serious bummers.
Putting Jason Isbell and Neko Case on the same episode of Austin City Limits felt like the universe had a meeting of superpowers and said, “Why yes, we would like Jodi Chromey to be happy this week.”

So last night as I was heading to bed instead of watching Austin City Limits, my brain remembered that we have a PBS channel on the Roku and maybe, just maybe they’d have the latest episode. And this morning after “Meet the Press” I did go look and I did go find it and it was glorious. I’m watching it for the second time right now. I’d tell you more about it, but well, this post is already at 734 words and it’s only 3 p.m.

9:24 p.m. ~ While My Attention Span Gently Wanes

My attention is zooming in and out of the Golden Globe awards. There was some blah blah blah about Woody Allen and I stopped listening for awhile.

Do you care what I think about the Golden Globes? No. I don’t even care enough to think that much about the Golden Globes, even though I love watching them and reading the tweets.

Do you care about this unicorn that I got from my Grandma Chromey in 1981 or 1982? Of course you do. I was a unicorn girls as a tween and young teen. I loved the majestic beasts. I had a lot of unicorn stuff. A lot. So much unicorn stuff that at one point in my twenties I had to break the news to my dad that I didn’t love unicorns so much anymore.

When Jaycie was like nine or ten I gave her the surviving bits of my unicorn collection, including this potpourri holder one from 1981. The potpourri came in the form of some wax chips. My sister, who was painting Jaycie’s old bedroom last week, noticed that it smelled just like my bedroom growing up.

“Thirty years!” she shouted as I sniffed the unicorn. “That’s some strong shit!”


The “It’s (Insert Day of Week) and I’m Boring” is a series that Christa and I do to pay homage to the beauty of old-school blogging. (I totally copied this nice explanation from Christa).

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