It’s Sunday & I’m Boring: Back with a Vengeance Edition

Sometimes when you least expect it you take a whole week off from writing. I didn’t plan to take a whole week off, but I did it. I took a whole week off from most everything. The Tibbles were in the Dells with Sister #3. Work has hit the end-of-summer lull.

I spent all that free time intermittently napping, eating, and basically drooling on myself. Oh, and playing Plants vs Zombies 2 as if someone’s life depended on it.

I had planned to take all that free time and write my fingers to the bone. But I was cranky and bitchy and sick of the sound of my own voice — both my actual voice and my writing voice. It was one of those grouchy weeks where my inner monologue was a constant, low-level whine. It was annoying as hell. Orange you glad I didn’t subject you to that?

But now I’ve got to get back on the writing horse and it’s tough. Once you stop writing it’s really easy to act like you never ever write at all anyway. You can usually fool yourself that you are not a writer for a day or two, but then the naggy voice in your head gets going bugging you all the time with the “you should be writing.”

What do the naggy voices say to people who aren’t writers? I should be. . . what? Exercising? Organizing the pantry? I’m curious.

None of this has anything to do with today. Today was oddly productive because after all the napping my body and my brain was ready to rock and roll at 7 a.m. I managed to crank out two book reviews and eat breakfast by 10 a.m., which made it time to lay on the couch and intermittently sleep while listening to the radio.

Then there was lunch, banana bread making, a long soak in the tub while listening to the eye-roll-inducing Inferno by Dan Brown, unicorn chasing, meatball-making, family dining, and now typing. Super boring.

Here’s a picture of some junk I found in a pouch where I also found my social security card (which was what I was looking for). Apparently 2007-2008 was a good concert year for me, that was back when I had a real job and hadn’t turned into the Angry Hermit you know and tolerate today.


The “It’s (Insert Day of Week) and I’m Boring” is a series that Christa and I do to pay homage to the beauty of old-school blogging. (I totally copied this nice explanation from Christa).

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