A few of the reasons I love ‘Grace of My Heart’

Because Alt-J sucks, I turned off broadcast television at about 10:45 last night. Conan needs to hire me to select bands for his talk show. I would not pick Alt-J. Ever.

When I woke up this morning to six inches of snow & a manhunt in Boston I made the executive decision to avoid as much “news” as possible. I get an A+ for avoidance. To maintain my grade I finally caved and purchased “Grace of My Heart” which is easily on my Top 10 list of all-time favorite movies (along with “High Fidelity,” “Almost Famous,” “Before Sunset,” and “Shakespeare in Love”).

I used to have this bad girl on the old DVR so I could watch it whenever the mood struck me, but haven’t seen it since I got rid of cable two years ago. Tonight, I finally got around to remedying that nonsense.


  • “The dress fits the occasion. It’s you that doesn’t fit,” Edna’s mother to Edna.
  • “Lady singers they just don’t sell,” record executive.
  • Illeana Douglas: her eyes, her hands, her allover lovely awkwardness.
  • Eric Stoltz as a delectable red-headed, turtlenecked beatnik Howard Cazsatt.
  • “Why do you save your best songs for girls? I told you I can’t sell girl singers.”
  • Bridget Fonda as the closeted 60s pop singer.
  • The friendship between Edna/Denise and Cheryl and how they kind of mock the manly men assholes in the music industry.
  • The older, married writer & that whole thing. That whole thing!
  • “How are The Beatles going to put us out of a job?”
  • Oh yeah, that Brill Building mystique.
  • Matt Dillon.
  • Matt Dillon.
  • Matt Dillon.
  • Matt Dillon as a sort of Brian Wilson/Kurt Cobain troubled musical genius.
  • When Edna/Denise sings “God Give Me Faith.” That song wrecks me, and when The Outlaw broke up with me 1000 years ago I listened to the song for about 6 days in a row. The homophone line: “This belle is wrung out” or “This bell is rung out” is just divine. Nice work Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach. Also her Edna’s hair in this scene is some of my favorite kind of hair.
  • Matt Dillon in glasses.
  • “What’s it going to take for me, to get you to see your spark?”
  • The actual band Redd Kross as the fake Beach Boysesque band The Riptides.
  • “Denise, the only I wish for you, and I really sincerely mean this, is that you are fired. And I mean that for your own good. You are doing yourself a disservice.”
  • Matt Dillon in glasses and a beard.
  • “It would be so much better than what we guys are doing, so much more genuine, personal.”
  • “You look like a vampire. All that fresh air and health food will kill you.”
  • Joel’s tough love talk next to the motel pool.
  • The final scene of her at the piano.


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  1. Kim Sasso 21.Apr.13 at 7:31 pm

    OMG I was thinking earlier that you may well have become one of my most favorite bloggers. You amuse me 🙂

    ….. And now to discover that you, too, appreciate this treasure of a movie! I knew we were destined to be friends even if only in my head.

    1. Jodi 21.Apr.13 at 7:32 pm

      Yay! Some of my favorite friends are only in my head. (See Matt Dillon bullets above)


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