14 reasons you should get ‘Songs for Slim’ if the whole good cause thing isn’t quite enough reason for you

It feels like it should be a sort of holy day here in the house of Jodi. I mean it’s not every day, or ever, that a new ‘Mats EP is released. There should be candles lit in reverence and maybe some genuflecting or something. I’m not entirely sure.

  1. The piano & drum intro on “Busted Up.”
  2. Also the way Paul sing sitch-ee-ation.
  3. The really smarty smartness of opening the EP which benefits Slim Dunlap with a song called “Busted Up.”
  4. The hissy misssbehave at 1:11 of “Busted Up.”
  5. And the all the people singing the word ‘busted up’ in the chorus.
  6. It’s less than $5 on iTunes. If you’re an Amazon person you’ll have to pony up an extra buck.
  7. You can skip “Radio Hook Word Hit” as much as you want and nobody can do a single thing about it.
  8. “I’m Not Sayin'” is a great single. Great and so Westerbergian with its passive-agressive wordplay vs fun music.
  9. This is made more funny with all the annoying passive agressive “I’m Just Sayin'” bullshit you often see on Twitter and/or Facebook.
  10. The words “new Replacements record” still make my sight get a little quivery as I blink back tears.
  11. I mentioned this in a comment last week, but it makes me kinda proud that they “reunited” to help Slim & not to send their kids to college.
  12. The way Paul shouts “jug of wine” on “Lost Highway.”
  13. Also, having a studio version of him singing “Lost Highway” which Paul covered the very first time I saw him at the Guthrie Theater back in 2002.
  14. “You can find a pretty chord at the end, can’t you?” at the end of “Everything’s Coming Up Roses.”
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  1. M-----l 05.Mar.13 at 5:32 pm

    Please tell me the Replacements covered Gordon Lightfoot. Please.

    1. Jodi 05.Mar.13 at 5:33 pm

      Yes, yes they did.


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