Like living in that awful commercial featuring a Sarah McLachlan song

This is Walter. His a brindled Papillion-Chihuahua and belongs to Sister #2. He was named, by me, after a character in The World According to Garp. Walter’s staying at Supergenius HQ this week while the Sister #2 posse break spring in Florida.

Walter’s originally from some town near Joplin, Missouri and was released into the wild by someone kind of evil, hell-bound demon after his owner died. This kind of cruelty boggles my mind. How do you do that? Just kick some dogs out of a house and then just go about your business? Some kind neighbor rounded up the deceased person’s dogs and delivered them to some organization that rescues dogs. Somehow Walter ended up here in the Twin Cities and about a month ago he settled in with Sister #2 and her family.

Needless to say, Walter’s been a little traumatized and that makes him a fraidy cat of a dog. When he is scared he tucks his tale between his legs and then shakes uncontrollably. It is, in a word, heartbreaking.

Paco, my cat, is not helping matters. I’m shocked by the assholiness of his bullying. Usually when Paco’s cranky he just hides upstairs. This happens every single time The Tibbles come over, because Paco hates The Tibbs.

This bullying is surprising because until a month ago, Paco never lived in a world that didn’t include another animal. Madison was always here. You think he’d be a little more welcoming to poor Walter. However, if you did think that you’d be totally wrong, because Paco is a meanie. For most of the day he practiced all sort of intimidation bullshit on Walter including: circling the dog all puffed up and hissing; climbing on the back of the couch where Walter and I were sitting and giving him the stinkeye; and occasionally swooping in and giving Walter a few swats.

Mean. Mean. Mean. And so heartbreaking because Walter is so obviously terrified and Paco doesn’t seem to care at all. The tension seems to be easing, a bit. Paco is now disinterested in the dog. However, Walter won’t budge from the makeshift nest I made for him. Maybe tomorrow he’ll move.

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  1. Lesley 20.Mar.12 at 6:45 am

    Awwww. Such a pretty face on that pup.

  2. Suzy 21.Mar.12 at 9:22 am

    Cats are assholes – and I know because I have 2. But so are my dogs. I just hope for the best each day, and that none of my belongings are destroyed in the process of living as a family (and we have been together for at least 3 years – you think they would have all figured it out by now). Hope Walter gets over his fears.

    1. Jodi 21.Mar.12 at 9:25 am

      @Suzy, Walter is doing much better. Paco’s pissed off at me and chooses to spend all his time upstairs. At least he’s stopped being so aggressive. I can see the appeal of dogs, they’re just so damn happy all the time, but I kind of like the nonchalance of the cat.

  3. Lori 21.Mar.12 at 6:38 pm

    Paco is like a metaphor for something, but I’ve had a few drinks, so I can’t figure out what.


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