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I’ve been very busy this week listening to The Shins’ “Simple Song;” building a case for “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters” as Elton John’s best song ever;” and, well, working. So here’s some stuff from other people that you should totally read:

My friend Christa wrote a hilarious review of the Porn du Jour Fifty Shade of Grey that was hilarious. Not only is the review funny, it also lists all the things the main characters inner goddess gets up to. The adverb circler in me is damn proud of that list.

My friend Walter spends a lot of time sleeping on a blanket or next to me on the couch. Is this normal dog behavior or is he just depressed because his humans are away?

My friend Kelly linked to a post from The Rejectionist that includes this: “I am trying to make sense of a world where all these things are happening, where a cluster of embryonic cells in Oklahoma have more rights than an “undocumented” human being in Arizona, where a man can gun down a child holding a bag of Skittles and a cellphone and suffer absolutely no consequences, where Jonathan Franzen, who is already a millionaire, can make more money for saying Edith Wharton was ugly than I will make working fifty hours a week for the next six months.” As I said on Kelly’s Facebook page, I’ve never wanted to hug a post so much in my entire life. GO READ THIS.

My friends at BookRiot and I wrote about which books we’d recommend to Mad Men characters. I choose Faye Miller and Ken Cosgrove and offered them some suggestions. Earlier this week I wrote about readerly pet peeves and totally forgot to mention how so many authors these days have given up using the quotation mark. What’s up with that?

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