Ruining the Internet for children since 2000

Saturday night during Rock & Roll Bookclub Max was trying to tell us something about the Flugoo fish.

“Just Google Flugoo fish,” he said, leaning onto the arm of the La-Z-Grrl.
Because I am a kind host and an accommodating aunt, I set to Googling. “Oh,” I said, when I spied the results.
“What?” Max asked.
“I’m first,” I said.
“Of course you are,” Sister #2 said from the couch.
“What did you say about the Flugoos?” Max asked.
“You can’t read I Will Dare,” I said.
“She comes up all the time,” Sister #2 said.
“And it’s always for something that has absolutely nothing to do with her,” Wolfdogg said.
“Why can’t I read it?” Max asked.
“It’s not safe for kids,” I said.
“Get used to it Max,” Sister #2 said. “Aunt Jodi has ruined the Internet.”

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  1. UH 01.Dec.08 at 4:42 pm

    So, you’re the one who ruined it. I’ve been wondering.

  2. Jodi 01.Dec.08 at 4:48 pm

    You never suspected me, did you?


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