It is a real job, really

“You work from home on Wednesdays?” the TTHM asked, unable to control his shock and awe.
“Yeah,” I said.
“THAT’S NOT A JOB!” He shouted into his phone.
“Yes it is,” I said. “I have to follow people on Twitter and read blogs, post stuff.”
“I hope they pay you in stickers and not real money.”
“I get paid in Red Bull and bagels,” I said.
“Stickers and video games,” he said.
“And iTunes giftcards.”

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  1. Love Sac Fan 03.Dec.08 at 2:10 am

    Ya its quite agreeable. Working from home is really enjoying and also a bit of tiresome. You have to do your household work and then your job which you have to finish from your own house.


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