Things I’ve learned from Max, age 8, since he got here 11 minutes ago

Cookies the cat (I think)
I am babysitting Max today. Jaycie and Sister #2 have to go on some hike at Camp Singing Hills and Stink has class. So it’s just me and Max. Which is always, always, always interesting. So far I have learned:

  • Max is learning cursive in school
  • There are all-new super secret Webkins coming out soon
  • However, Max cannot tell me about them because they are secret
  • Max can tell that I really, really want to know about the all-new super secret Webkins
  • Cookies (pictured above — taken a few days ago) forgot to put his clothes on today
  • Max thinks we should go to Target to get those Webkinz trading cards I owe him (we bet on the Spanish word for penguin, he was right), because one should always pay off their debts
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  1. PeeWee 22.Sep.07 at 10:51 pm

    And the Spanish word for penguin is?


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