Answering the Googlers’ Questions II

As a public service, we here at Supergenius Headquarters like to spend some time answering the googlers questions, the very questions that bring them here to

why is it that boys can just hurt girls with no problem?
It probably has something to do with the penis. I am not sure.

do short men feel strange dating tall women?
Some of them do.

why are tall women single?
Because they are weird and they bite.

Does tall women scare men?
Yes they do, because they are weird and they bite.

The truth about being tall
Sometimes it is not so bad, but most of the time it sucks. It’s hard to find clothes and shoes and auditorium seating that doesn’t cut off the circulation to your legs past your knees. Plus people stare and point.

Where is my spleen located?
I don’t know.

How to know how tall you are?
I used a tape measure.

what does be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. by plato mean?
It means be nice because everyone’s life sucks.

Dawson’s creek mitch dies what song is he listening to when he dies?

Drift Away by Bob Seger

would you date a shorter man?

my first time having sex? will he like it?

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  1. Edge 05.Nov.07 at 12:08 pm

    Got-dayum this is a great idea! I get many weird google hits daily, some of which make me wonder about the people asking them. It’d be fun to “answer” them for future hits. While the questions themselves are bad, what’s worse is realizing that the crazy questions somehow brought them to my blog.

  2. Peabo 05.Nov.07 at 1:15 pm

    I agree–I’m totally stealing this idea from you, Jodi. With credit, of course. I’m going to do it sometime this month, for sure.


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