Shaking it like a Polaroid picture

Hey ya
Apparently the Tibbles unearthed Sister #3’s Polaroid camera from the garage and have been obsessed with taking pictures with it ever since. The downstairs living room is littered with Polaroid pictures of Tennessee and Smoky (the cats), their dad, Sister #4, and various pieces of furniture.

Cade and Nolan are quite adept at the workings of the Polaroid, informing me of the noise that it makes, showing me the flash, and informing me that they can only take ten pictures.

We did a lot of math today.

They are also quite picky about their camera angles and literally climbed the walls to get the best perspective for their shots.

We spent a lot of time discussing the various differences between the Polaroid and my digital camera. They were impressed that I could take FIVE HUNDRED! pictures, however it was determined that having the picture spit out the bottom of the camera was way, way better.

Plus, you know, there was all the shaking.

And really, that was the best part.

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  1. UH 16.Sep.07 at 1:57 pm

    Last time I bought Polaroid film it was somewhere in the neighborhood of $22 for a two-pack of 10-picture cartridges.

    I hope it’s come down since then.


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