The Alternative

Sister #2 and fam came over this morning to fix my downstairs toilet. It decided to stop flushing since the the thing that connected the flappy thing to the handle broke. I could have probably fixed it myself, but why would I do that when I have a perfectly willing brother-in-law to to do the job.

While Sister #2 and I chatted, I offered to let Jaycie and Max watch whatever they like on TV.”

“No,” Max said. “That’s okay. There’s only baby shows on in the morning.”
“Too old for Sesame Street?”

Since they didn’t watch to watch anything, I turned it to VH1 Classics, my favorite channel ever (besides Noggin which shows both “My So-Called Life” and “Dawson’s Creek”).

“I can’t believe they even have a video for this song,” Sister #2 said as Evan Dando pranced in a boat singing “Mrs. Robinson.”
“That’s why I love ‘The Alternative’ it’s all these songs that I know but had no idea there were videos for.”
“I’m kind of foggy on videos from 1992 to 1998,” she said.
“I’m prettty bad with videos post 1990,” I said. “Once I got to college I never watched videos.”
“I don’t get it,” Jaycie said. “I thought we listened to music, not watched it.”

Sister #2 and I looked at each other.

“MTV ruins everything,” I said. “Kids these days don’t even have an appreciation for music videos.”
“Yeah, my kids don’t like watching music videos, they think it’s ‘stupid.'”

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