Children with powertools

Did I tell you about that headache I got on Thursday after going to IKEA and while having lunch with Melanie at that Indian place we love, a headache so bad I could only crawl into bed, whimper, and sleep until 4:30 and was still so shaky and out of it I skipped my first ever Vodo class and then didn’t go to bed until 2 a.m., thus fucking up my entire weekend?

Oh, well, that sucked.

It sucked more than packing all of Sister #4’s shit into a U-Haul bound for Brookings, SD before 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Which, oddly enough, didn’t really suck at all. Though I am a huge, huge proponent of hiring movers, this move of Sister #4’s wasn’t nearly as heinous and dramatic at it promised to be. It appears a lot of the drama happened before the actual physical moving.

Lucky for me, I missed all of it.

In fact, I didn’t even have to go to SD and unload the truck. Instead I stayed home with Jaycie and Max and taught them how to put together cheap Swedish furniture (I had to replace some furniture and an ice cream scoop Sister #4 was reclaiming) using power tools. They did a good job.

Celebrating putting together the coffee table

Of course after all that (oh, did I mention I had all five kids on Friday, because I did) I am now spending the day wearing pajamas and not speaking.

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  1. bakiwop 02.Aug.09 at 10:17 pm

    mug rootbeer! isn’t that child abuse? i will never understand minnesotans…

  2. Jodi 02.Aug.09 at 10:22 pm

    Is Mug Rootbeer bad? I don’t actually like rootbeer so I have no idea what’s good or bad.

  3. bakiwop 03.Aug.09 at 8:54 am

    for kids, mug rootbeer is an inferior product to, and barely a suitable replacement for, a&w rootbeer which, of course, should be served in a frosty mug without ice. although, at least they aren’t drinking barq’s rootbeer which is completely undesirable for a child’s (or adult’s, for that matter) palate and should only be used in times of dire rootbeer need or, alternatively, as a method of torture for former guantanamo bay prisoners.


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