senorita poopypants


i am beat. the weather is sorta like a stinky armpit. it’s hot and humid. the air is so thick it feels like you need to scoop it by the handfuls and hold it close to your mouth, just to breathe.


i am beat. running around in the armpit weather chasing jaycie and max through the shadows and sprinkler, take a lot out of a girl. it tried to teach them the concept of shadow tag, but they were much more interested in trying to drink from the sprinkler.


i am beat. jaycie has taken to calling everyone poopypants. i think i giggled at it more than she did. i now understand the concept of stagefright. sister #2 has taken the bathroom door off, so she cna paint. i was trying to use aforementioned bathroom sans door, when max pops his head in.

“what are you doing?”
“going to the bathroom.”
“jaycie! jodi’s going potty.”

so jaycie joins us in the bathroom.
“P.U. what’s that smell poopypants?”
“get out!”
“so i can go to the bathroom.”
“did you poopy in your pants?”
“no! get out.”
“P.U. what’s that smell poopypants?”
“GET OUT! go! go!”

of course she didn’t take me seriously. probably because i was laughing so hard i nearly cried. eventually i got her out by asking her to check on max. i quick tried to finish up, but she’s fast and caught my while i was pulling up my pants.

“P.U. what’s that smell poopypants? did you go poopy?”
“no, i went pee.”
“you have sheep on your underwear.”
“i know.”
“i have hello kitty on mine.”
“can we go downstairs now?”
“MOM, jodi poopy in her pants,” she shouts as we walk downstairs. that’s when i conked my head on the ceiling and we both had to sit down we were laughing so hard.

then, while the adults watched big brother, jaycie, max and i went outside to take pictures of the flowers. they are addicted to the digicam. but then the sprinkler was there and the next thing i know. . . the both of them fully clothed and soaking wet. i thought for sure the three of us would get our asses kicked. you know how parents can be.

at one point, jaycie asks me if she can take off her shirt. i say yes. i turn around and she’s streaking naked across the yard. then she runs over to me saying, “hurry, help me before mom sees i am naked.”

mom didn’t see, but i told. sister #2 and i just laughed and laughed.


i am beat. i am happy, and a bit stinky. i forgot about work for the evening. it’s a good day to be alive.

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  1. dangerman 18.Jul.01 at 9:14 pm

    good lord…I’m tired from just reading all that…*pant*

  2. Allen 19.Jul.01 at 11:25 am

    Thought you might like to know that I found Westerberg’s “14 Stories” on CD the other day for $5 (used). Now why would anyone get rid of *that* CD?


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