A whole lot of loving is what we’re bringing

Nothing gives me joy on a Monday morning then declining every single meeting I’ve been invited to, especially when the number of declines is greater than the number of fingers on my right hand. (Incidentally, I also get a lot of joy from saying, “Yes, I did just talk about Peter Cetera masturbating.” But I just found that out right now).

Today I get to put on Kathleen Turner Overdrive, turn it up as loud as it goes, and ignore everyone I work with. I love days like this. Days so busy that all I can really do is write, write, and write a little more and hope it all gets done. It’s good because it takes my mind off my election-day eve anxiety.

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  1. wolfdog 06.Nov.06 at 2:02 pm

    You have no idea how it makes my eyes burn to see the words….Peter, Cetera, and masturbating in succession.

    Or maybe you do have an idea.

  2. Jodi 06.Nov.06 at 2:03 pm

    Your eyes burn with excitment when you think of Peter Cetera masturbating?

  3. wolfdog 06.Nov.06 at 2:17 pm

    Let’s not forget who’s imagination came up with the concept of Peter Cetera masturbating.

    I’m talking about you.


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