tuesday pros and cons

con: 8:15 in the a.m. mandatory all company meetings
pro: seamus bringing in sweet delicious yummy coffee

con: talking to not one but two people on the phone before 10
pro: i have a good idea for the pressing project plaguing my mind

con: the flesh eating virus currently taking residence on my face in the form of the zit that ate manhattan
pro: for just a moment last night i was totally in love with my body, not just it’s functions but the way it looked. it might have been the contrast of my skin against the dark sheets, or the way my arms was extended to grab Roland off the night stand that allowed for a momentary stunning compostion. but for a second there, when i looked down at my own breast and the curve of it, the protuding nipple, the line of my arm, i thought, damn i’m hot!

con: i really have to pee right now
pro: kristy points out a replacements siting and those always make me happy

con: the soap at work doesn’t smell good, not like mine at home, which makes smelling my own fingers not fun
pro: i don’t walk around smelling my fingers at work

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