holy shit i am spent

i just had a creative breakthrough of epic proportions here at work and now all i want to do is smoke a cigarette and then roll over and go to sleep. i am totally spent and feel like jelly. this is only one of those ideas/projects that has been lodged in the back of my brain for about a week. and of course, as many ideas are wont to do, it comes screaming out of the ether a day before it’s due.

and while i would love nothing more than to bask in my post-creative-coital glow, i have to come up with a crappy idea now. something to so that my brilliant idea looks even shinier when i present it. you would think the crappy ideas would be easier, but they aren’t. you have to be careful with the crappy ideas, it has to be really and truly of the most crappiest crap, otherwise your clients will surprise you and choose it. and nothing’s worse than having to see your craptastic idea to fruition. it makes your stomach hurt and your tongue taste bitter.

tonight, tonight we celebrate with a drink and some good ice cream. i am so excited.

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  1. amy 29.Jun.05 at 9:25 am

    my advice? don’t show the crap. the client will pick it — they always do. they always do.