the love ’em and leave ’em girl

today, on my way home from work, i fell in love. it was love at first site. i was getting all prepared to do my passive-aggressive minnesota swear and say bad things about him, when the little black s10 passed me on highway 18. but then i got a glimpse at the back of the truck.. . and i was in LOVE!

not only did the dark-haired cutie with the geek classes have an 89.3 The Current bumper sticker back there (like someone else we know has on the back of her S10) but he also had a husker du sticker.

so instead of cursing him for being a jackass, i said
“you have a husker du sticker, i have a paul westerberg sticker. you love The Current, I love The Current. You drive an S10, I drive an S10, let’s get married!”

but then when i was passing him again to get a better look, i noticed that his head was actually resting on the head rest, which means he’s probably a munchkin.

so i had to love him and leave him.

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