The Current & Billy Bragg remind me of magic

When I jumped into ol’ Ruby tonight after work at 4:53 p.m. I flipped on 89.3 The Current and was greeted with Billy Bragg’s “A New England.” The clouds seemed to part suddenly, the sun shone, my eyes glimmered and I hit all the lights green on the way home. Or at least it seemed that way.

I hope I never reach the age where hearing my favorite song the instant I turn on the radio isn’t total, complete magic. And it is magic. if you think of everything that has to be just perfectly right for me to turn on the car the instant that song is on, it’s amazing. If I hadn’t left work a little early, if I had stopped to chat with Al before I left, if I was listening to Kathleen Turner Overdrive or KOOL 108 or any of the other things that happened at the right time hadn’t happened, I’d have missed the song. And I would have missed the magic in today.

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  1. Kathy 28.Sep.06 at 2:34 pm

    Did you know:

    “I was twenty-one years
    When I wrote this song
    I’m twenty-two now
    But I won’t be for long”

    is a complete lift from a Paul Simon song? I bought a 3 CD best of Paul Simon set at a tag sale several years ago and color me surprised when I played the song “Leaves That Are Green” because it opens with those exact words.

    It’s a beautiful song and quite appropriate for this time of year.

    “Time hurries on
    And the leaves that are green turn to brown
    And they wither with the wind
    And they crumble in your hand”

    (What is it with Pauls and fall?)

  2. lou 29.Sep.06 at 10:39 am

    It’s sort of like song serendipity =) I love it when something that I *really* want or need to hear pops up on random on my iPod.

    Or likewise really catches me off guard, like a few weeks back “Here Comes a Regular” comes on while I’m at the gym and it’s like being hit by a freight train.


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