look at the eyelashes on that kid

before venturing the florist with sisters #3 and #4 (aka bridezilla), i got to hang for a bit with my youngest nephews cade, nolan, and liam. it did my heart good. seeing a 3-year-old’s face break into a smile the minute he sees you just makes everything worth while.

and the adventure to the florist’s was so much fun. i mean, really i got to hang out in a place filled with flowers and talk with someone whose job it is to make pretty things. it was totally rad. evie from prior lake floral kicked so much ass it was unbelievable. this was by far the most fun i’ve ever had at any pre-wedding event yet. bridezilla totally took all my suggestions and that rocked. there will be lilies and gerberas and stephanotis. yee! i was in a flower-filled heaven.

as we left i proclaimed “i want to get married now just so i can have evie do my flowers.” oh it was the most fun i’ve had all week.

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