giddy and rambling

“you seem downright giddy,” maria said.
“i am a little giddy,” i said.
“there’s gonna be two paul westerberg concerts coming up.”
“huh?” jennifer asked.
“paul westerberg, i love him and tickets go on sale for the quest show which is gonna have bob mould, paul westerberg, soul asylum, the gear daddies, golden smog,” i started.
“i was thinking of going to that,” julie said.
“yeah well tickets might sell out, so you have to get them tomorrow,” i said.
“i don’t wanna go that bad,” she said.
“but, it’s all of them on one stage,” i said and i could feel my face growing flush. “i’m already planning on taking that friday off. i don’t think i’ll be recovered enough to come in the next day.”
“how’s the new album?” she asked.
“it’s really good, a couple of stinky songs. but i got it the day before it was released, i was so excited i couldn’t even wait.”

meanwhile maria, jennifer, and jess have all started giving me that look, that look people give you when you’re saying too much.

“i know, i’m a nerd, but i just love him. i mean when paul played last time at the guthrie i talked about it so much before the show that even Regs came over to ask me how it went,” is aid.
“you’re kidding,” julie said.
“yeah, i think i’m gonna shut up now.”

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