a fitting sacrifice to the gods of rock and roll

i’ve been sitting here semi-quietly, subtley shaking booty, listening to “Folker” on repeat, and praying to the gods of rock and roll that i am able to get tickets to the upcoming concerts. i was thinking of doing a virgin sacrifice to the gods, but i don’t know any virgins. . . and really virgins aren’t so rock and roll.

as soon as i can think of what to sacrifice, i’ll let you know. i’m open to ideas. if i don’t get to these st. paul westerberg concerts i will simply DIE. DIE! did you hear me, DIE. you don’t want me to die, do you?

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  1. Andy 28.Sep.04 at 3:15 pm

    Don’t Die!!

  2. Damon 29.Sep.04 at 7:30 am

    Maybe in this case it should be a “virgin” copy of Folker?

    Sacrificing a virgin was to give up something very valuable (a fertile young unspoiled woman) to the gods in exchange for fertile soil, a good harvest, etc. Not every virgin was sacrificed, only one a season.

    So, following the analogy, sacrificing a virgin copy of “Folker” might just be the gift the gods of rock and/or roll might be looking for in exchange for granting you your other wish.


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