kickin’ the stall

i have to be to work at 9:30 tomorrow, because OHMYGODWEHAVEADEADLINE has come and gone and now we’re just in full-on freakout mode.

so anyway, if sleep were a train leaving for chicago right this very instant travelling at 49 mph, headed straight for me and i was in ruby heading down the road towards chicago at 82 mph, would i get to bed before say, 2:30 a.m.? probably not.

in other news i’m a little pissed at myself for having spent most of the day downloading porn and masturbating, ok really i laid on the couch and tried to watch some bernardo bertolucci movie that had that guy who was in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, but is probably better known as Jen’s young boyfriend Henry on Dawson’s Creek (my FFJ would call this guy the poor man’s leonardo dicaprio), but well the movie and i just weren’t jiving at all. so i wasted some more time plucking my eyebrows, looking at my toes, and generally not doing anything that i was supposed to be doing, like editing the new user manual and cleaning my apartment in preparation of heather’s visit.

eventually i got tired of the slack and went to the grocery store, since the only thing in the fridge were some seriously furry strawberries. of course, the grocery store pissed me off because there was only one box of diet coke with lime in the entire store. usually, this is ok, because i only buy one at a time, but i’ve been getting rather upset when i run out of diet coke with lime at really inopportune times, which is ever, so i was gonna by two. but noooooooo, clearly prior lake is the diet coke with lime drinking capital of the freeworld. what’s wrong with these people?

so now, here i am at 11:51 with lots to do that i’m not gonna do and wishing i had someone to talk to, because well, i’m sick of myself at the moment.

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