that you come my way

last night the TTHM and i were talking about paul westerberg. a few weeks ago, i sent him a CD full of songs about longing, heartache, and loneliness. because, you know, that’s what everyone needs in the middle of a break-up.

last night he was telling me about how when he’s walking to school he sings “Born For Me” outloud to himself. do you have any idea how much it that makes me smile?

so anyway last night we were talking about st. paul and whatnot, and he expressed great interest in seeing the Come Feel Me Tremble DVD and hearing more paul songs. i was giddy. he proclaimed “born for me” as one of the most beautiful songs ever written. he gets it.

then i went on to quiz him about which beatles songs were on what albums, because i had no idea.

also, yesterday the lovely ms. jena, sent me an e-mail about how excited she was to listen to the CD chock full o’westerbergian MP3 goodness that i sent her.

another convert.

it just makes my heart feel so full when something that i love as much as i love westerberg’s music is got by people i like and admire. it doesn’t happen too often. the sister club just has no time for him, and the NBFB couldn’t really care less about the musical genius of westerberg.

so when people take a liking to him it just makes me want to hug and smooch them and sort of cry out, thank you, thank you for getting it. you get it and that makes me happy.

in other news, my legs are dancing of their own accord to “waiting for somebody.”

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  1. Tam 30.Jan.04 at 12:02 pm

    I’ll trade you the best of mmmmmmmmmmmMichael Stipe (and friends) in return for your St. Paul mix.

    I could use some new music.

  2. jodi 30.Jan.04 at 12:09 pm

    so you want the songs of longing and heartache which features st. paul and some others? or just a greatest hits of st. paul? i have many, many paul mixes.

  3. Tam 30.Jan.04 at 7:28 pm

    Something with a beat that I can chair dance to. How’s that sound?