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i was reading robin’s post about tv and then she left a comment where she said she was a longtime listener and a first time caller, and now i miss Fraiser. i used to love, love, love that show. but since i stopped watching tv in may, i haven’t seen it in forever.

sometimes i really miss tv. i wish i could say i was doing better things with my time and being all noble and stuff, but i’m not. and really the only reason i don’t watch any tv is because i got frustrated and threw away the antenna and haven’t bought a new one and i still refuse to get cable.

and after all that, i still wonder what my niles is up to.

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  1. robin 28.Oct.03 at 10:58 pm

    thanks for reading jodi. i finally pulled out wilco’s am, which really is an awesome disc. my favorite song on it is “passenger side”. i’m trying to get this editing done but i’m distracted … oh well.

    btw, i always said if i ever got married i wanted to play the song “thirteen” as i walked down the aisle. that was when i only knew it as alex’s song.

    thanks again! robin

  2. jodi 28.Oct.03 at 11:13 pm

    i always thought if i got married i’d walk down to something like “night swimming” or “your eyes” or somethign equally schmoopy. but chances are if i get married, no matter what i choose, my parents’ shouts of halleluiah will drown everything out.

  3. dweebie 29.Oct.03 at 7:33 pm

    “(In) Your Eyes” is David’s and my song!! The “So” album was on went we first “went all the way”. Of course we put it on the dance tapes we made for our wedding, and had to go out and dance to it when it came on. Both of those songs give you a little heart twist with a smile on the side.


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