attack of the evil grandma

on my way home from the church of westerberg last night i stopped off at the bowling alley. sister #4 was having some sort of hooha there with a bunch of friends and the parents were watching the kidlings while sister #2 and stinky went to some coffeeshop with jodi hanson and wade.

so i stopped in to shine my beatific smile on them and spread the love. plus i haven’t seen jaycie and max for like 100 years.

just as i was pulling up, sister #2 and stinky get out of their car. such impeccable timing.

we enter the bowling alley and max goes apeshit.


he jumps into my arms and puts his hands on my face exclaiming how much he missed me.

“sheesh,” sister #2 says, “i didn’t get that kind of welcome when i came home from vegas.”
“max just loves grody,” stinky says, “i don’t get it.”
“he has good taste!”

then my mom busts in:
“max called me the evil grandma tonight,” she says pouting.
“he what?” sister #2 asks.
“he called me evil, said i was the evil grandma,” she says.
“bwahahahahahahahahhhhhahaha,” sister #2 and i laugh.
“it’s not funny!” my mom says.
“it is too,” i say.
“he got that from you,” sister #2 says.
“jodi, you shouldn’t teach him to talk like that,” my mom says.
“what’s wrong with evil? it’s a perfectly good word.”
“she’s the evil grandma,” max pipes up.

then we all laughed for a long, long time.

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