i see the london

max is obsessed with singing the ” i see london, i see france” song.

he’ll go so far as to seek out someone’s underpants so he can sing the song in his odd, odd way.

last night in front of all of sister #4’s friends, max lifts up the back of my shirt, grabs the bit of my underpants that are sticking out of my pants and begins to shout, ” I SEE THE LONDON, I SEE THE FRANCE. . .”

he shouts the entire song, while grabbing onto my underpants. once the song ends with the “BOY OH BOY THEY SURE DO STINK!”

he announces to the bowling alley that i am wearing josie in the pussycat underpants and they should come and look.

thankfully, only jaycie took him up on the offer.

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  1. Cooke 09.Feb.03 at 10:41 am

    When I was in sixth grade I would get my younger sister to make believe she is caught in a rope trap. I used a belt looped through the buckle to dangle her upside down by one foot so her dress would flip over her face and underwear would show.