My Dad Just Died a Year Ago Already

Hi Darling Ones,

Today marks a year since my dad just died.

How it can be simultaneously a year ago already and only a year ago is not a mystery.

A lot has happened since September 16, 2022.

I bet more things have happened in the six months since I had the stroke that are not stroke-related, but I cannot tell you what they were.

While the stroke did not wipe out my memory, it’s done a number on my thoughts. I spend a lot of my brain power thinking about myself, specifically how my body feels and if it will ever feel better.

In a sense I have not had the time grieve everything that happened in 2022. Hell, I haven’t even grieved the losses caused by the stroke. Grieving takes time and thought and energy and I do not have any of that right now.

It makes me a little sad. All those losses deserve more than I gave them, and I hope in time I will get to that grief. But right now it’s taking all I got to stay alive and try to recover.

At least I managed this, a few words for all that loss.


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  1. theluckynun 17.Sep.23 at 9:53 am

    That is so, so much for you to process. Internet hugs are all I’ve got, but take one if you could use one.


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