Stroke Me Day 50: My Brain Hates Me

Hi Darling Ones,

Just a quick note to let you know I continue to exist on this planet, despite everything trying to kill me (that’s me being dramatic).

BFK & Atom took me to Urgent Care and then the ER Friday since I only have medical crises when my fam is out of town. One MRI and some chest x-rays later and they determined I didn’t have another stroke nor do I have heart issues. Why I’ve been constantly lightheaded for nearly a week remains a mystery. I suspect medication side effects or anxiety. For sure I have determined my brain hates me. I talk to my doc tomorrow, so place your bets now.

This weekend was absolute misery with the lightheadedness tipping me into frequent panic attacks. Have you ever had 15 panic attacks in one day? Don’t. It’s exhausting and no fun. Today, there’s only been one so far. Progress!

In super sexist news, I got an MRI from the hottest guy I’ve ever seen inside of Shakopee city limits. Related: once again ,I chose to listen to Frightened Rabbit while inside the clanky magnet. This time it must have been on some kind of shuffle. Songs I heard included:

  • Old, Old Fashioned by frightened Rabbit
  • In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel
  • Skinny Love by bon iver

There were other songs. I just don’t remember them or didn’t know them. MRIs are not conducive to note-taking or memorization.

More updates when my head stops being so floaty.


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