A Delightful Change of Pace

Dear Darling Ones,

Hot Dog, do I have some good news to share. In fact, I have two good newses to share. TWO. I’ve had two really good things happen in a row.

I don’t have colon cancer or as the crass and uncouth refer to it, the butt cancer.

What a relief. This was the last of the big three tests (mammogram, pap smear, and colonoscopy)and none of them turned up any cancer, though my uterus and cervix really really tried.

Today I found out that insurance is going to cover the exorbitantly expensive and more effective eye treatments.

This is a super, duper relief.

Paying $12K a month for medicine to help me see better is not something I would ever be able to swing. At this point I wouldn’t even be able to swing the a 20% copay, $2400 a month.

Hell, I only managed to invoice $375 last month. That doesn’t even cover my ridiculously cheap mortgage. This is why I keep begging the Internet for money.

Once I can see clearly, I can work more, finish paying off my $21K medical debt, and support myself once again. I CANNOT WAIT!

Just to remind you how poor my vision is, I created an image (above) so you can see what I see. It’s awful, isn’t it?

But soon, soon, soon things will be better.


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