There is No Jodi. There is Only Catghan.

Hey Darling Ones,

You know those regular gym-goers who get up on their high horse and become smug assholes who complain and mock the people who clog the gym after the start of a new year?

They’re the worst. Guess what? I discovered that I am a very close cousin to those very same smug assholes. Only instead of being a jerk about new gym goers, I’m a jerk about writers who start Substacks (or re-start their much ignored Substacks) at the start of the year.

In case you don’t know Substacks are exactly like blogs but instead of visiting them for free on the Internet you have to (generally) pay for a subscription and then have it emailed to you.

Granny Interent is cranky, y’all.

Anyway, I did not come to bury nor to praise Substackers.

I came to tell you, briefly, about my three latest obsessions which is keeping me from filling you on all the other mundanity on my mind.

I started a new crochet project called the Catghan. You can see the first panel pictured above.

Why am I obsessed? Because it pits my two worst traits against each other. It’s a battle of impatience vs. trusting the process. I love this project because it works up really fast. I made the 10″x10″ panel over the weekend. However, it only works up really fast if I trust the process and don’t convince myself I fucked it all up. The only thing I dislike more than being patient is trusting the process, or well, trusting anything.

Pressure Cooker on Netflix. This is going to be an obsession that ends tonight. BFK told me about the show yesterday and I was up until 1 a.m. watching it until I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Why am I obsessed? It’s like if Top Chef (my favorite show) had a baby with Big Brother (my family’s fave show). Right now, with two or three episodes to go, I hate Jeana with the fire of a thousands suns and it feels so good to have a reality/gameshow villain to root against.

George Michael: A Life. I’m about 350 pages into this 500+ page tome.

Why am I obsessed? I don’t know, exactly. Despite a fraught past with Wham!, this book is fascinating. Michael is a driven yet lazy, insecure yet infuriating asshole nice guy. I’d have finished the book by now if I didn’t have to take frequent breaks to watch the videos for “Faith” and “Freedom 90”.

For the record, I’ve rarely have faith of any kind (see: trusting the process) & I will never reconsider my foolish notion.


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